Brewliterate was Started in April, of 2012. I had been a Home Brewer for 32 years. I Brewed my first Beer at 15 years old when my father bought a kit from a magazine and knowing I like to cook, he asked me to brew it. It came out better than commercial beers that he drank, but also stronger. He had no idea what he started.

When I became legal age to drink I joined a local Home Brew Club andI soon became a Club Officer and started competing. Entering 2 Beers in my first Competition, I won a first and second place. Every time I entered I seemed to get a ribbon. I even won a first place Category and third place Best of Show in Las Vegas, for a Spiced Beer!

I have always had a passion for Home Brewing and always will. I have taught all grain brewing to many with some that opened their own Breweries and some are in the process of opening.

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